My Ethiopia

Opportunities for Your Gap Year

About ten undergraduate students, a few postgraduate and many more younger, motivated and intelligent students have joined me in Ethiopia, in the different efforts  you have by now heard of.

If my offer of opportunities for your gap year interests You personally, drop me a line in the 'contact me' section, the tab above this one. 

1) Assist at the HaHuPePu school in Kaliti, Kindergarten and elementary school for the poor, a School of vitality and will. For the real poor.

2) Follow me in the different activities tied to the drawing of the Extended East Route, like studying new environments and ecosystems, historical documentation, active conservationism.

3) Assist in different capacities the activities of EMPA, the Ethiopian Milk Producers Association I founded.

4) Or learn how to make cheeses and other milk products at Lema, assist us in the different company activities and tasks in Debre Zeyt, a lake resort of singular beauty.

5) Just join us for a couple of weeks' tour with learning activities.

6) If you are a Naturalist or an Ecologist, participate directly in one of a couple of projects to study and promote the unique beauty of the Ethiopian East, like counting mammals and preparing a bird photographic guide.

7) If you have another specialization or course of studies -you are a speleologist or a tourism student- just as an example, and you think something in our activities has touched your interest, do not hesitate: do address me with your ideas.

NEW OPPORTUNITY: We offer a chance to live within a National Park and help with an effort to save its two biggest mammals, under very serious threat, plus contribute in the defense of the world's biggest and rarest Antelope in a reserve -in theory dedicated to it- but under threat, mainly from a poacher. I am writing a proposal with Mat Pines. CONTACT US to come and see, or stay and help.