My Ethiopia


GENERAL CONTENT: I strongly suggest this link for information, unpublished studies, photoes on Ethiopia and Erithrea (Italian) My thanks to Alberto Vascon of the site: nine photoes in my naturalistic sections are his, so are most of those from Harer. He was instrumental in helping me locate the Zeret cave.

The Fugnanbira Community Group Association site, is amongst my favourites. I willingly publish my works there, in the last two years. The Hararis portal will update you on issues about Harar.

PHOTOES: Amazing photoes on Ethiopia are those by Eric Lafforgue and Boaz whom I admire, and personal friend Antonio Auricchio, a Master of Leica in black and white. Unfortunately, he does not publish online.  

A nice set of travel photoes is on  Alexandra Huddleston, a noted professional, concentrates instead on taxi interiors in Addis!

Paola Viesi is not just a staggering professional photographer, she is dedicated to promoting Ethiopia culturally and is now siding our objectives.


An interesting site, Carlo, Luca and their teams have been into exploration in speleology, rock paintings, trekking routes since nearly 15 years, regularly since 2002.

The group's last mission has been directed through a contact with our site, to expore new areas along the EER, between Hararge and Somaliland. Simply, 15 (!) new rock paintings sites were classified and documented. This photo gallery is on Laas Geel, they -probably rightfully- dub 'the best rock paintings in the world': Here, Baaroo Cave, also documented on our site:


Rides on saddle around Addis and elsewhere on Yves Strager's site. Beutiful photoes. He took, amongst the first, interest in the unique feral horse population of Mt. Kundudo. Founded and run by a Briton, as it boasts. Well done!


Sada is currently Department Head, Heritage and Archeology at the Ministry of Culture and tourism, in Hargeisa, Somaliland. She is a clever, persistive, competent explorer and preserver of heritage sites on the new Extended East Route. Her site exemplifies her interesting work. One of two amazing rock painting discoveries in Somaliland, Dhambalin, is totally her work.


The link in blue will take you to the site of a valuable Etiopian Sacred Art show in Venice, I am Black and Beautiful. Installations and collections from private sources and the Vatican Museums, visited by unexpected numbers. 

CONSERVATION: A much needed effort on the Awash Park is heralded by Mat Pines and members of a team from Washington University I had the privilege to meet.

MAPS: this link directs you to Dr. Rumsey's collection of ancient Ethiopian maps. Almost all available over a time span from the Pinkerton Atlas, 1814 to the Italian Touring Club world map of 1929.

Need maps for your research work in Ethiopia? Contact me. Contact tab here right.


Friend Mark Chapman is the authority on action reserach for community tourism promotion here, he directs the activities of local NGDO Tesfa.

Dr. Rowan Mactaggart has been in charge of developing sustainable tourism through a significant five partner project sponsored largely by USAid.

Just discovered the work of Bertrand, a passionate of Ethiopian art conservation, a cultivated man who also takes you trekking or with comfortable cars around Ethiopia, to sites he deeply knows and, in cases, has brought to new interest.                      

This is his Page and this his content on the Extended East Route.