Trekkings around Gursum and in the Kundudo Park, the best rock paintings found in Ethiopia. Trekkings around Gursum and in the Kundudo Park, the best rock paintings found in Ethiopia. A view over Gursum From Mount Stinico 79109153 Gursum stroll An active town, Gursum 79108946 Trek to the top Most trekkings to the top of Mt. Kundudo start from Bedada, facing the beautiful North Face. 80757904 Cultivations under the Kundudo Mainly Chat, Cata edulis, the stimulating leaf. irrigated from the springs that have formed the best caves found in Africa so far. 79108947 A lone tree 79108948 My kid friends Abdulwases' family. He is Gursum's Lord major, his kids are festive and seem to like me... 79108949 A Dragonfly 79108950 A fly 79108951 Gursum colours 79109152 Starling A metallic Starling greets us just outside Gursum 79109154 Girls 79109155 Village house 79109156 Biyyu Negheya Friendly people where in the past the cave access had been disputed to foreigners by hostile locals. A local speleo young covers his helmet with yellow flowers 79109157 Gursum Ghebeya Our market 79109160 More market 79109162 Hiwet hotel A very simple rest place in town 79109166 Selam Hotel An old building in town 79109168 Main road 79109170 Mount Stinico 79109164 Another starling, up some dense acacia shrub around the Kundudo 80757902 Joining walking 79109172 Wefcho The main Gursum mill 79109174 Euphorbias Some of these few remnants around the Kundudo can be centuries old. 79475964 Marco and Ernesto Marco, left, made all the Gursum area photoes in this album, Jan 2010. Goda Roriisso Paintings portrayed by Laura Rodolfi. 80757901 Granitic rocks In Day Feres, an hamlet between Abwarre and Fugnan Hujuba, on the way from Gursum to the Kundudo. 79109176 Where the best rock paintings are This view from Mt. Stinico presents where the proposed park starts, Gara Gedi, and the location of the new paintings recovered. Ilalami Gudo, or 'the big twin' is the round peak on the extreme left. 80757903 A dense set Of various prehistoric rock paintings 79112664 More styles 79112665 Goda Rorisso A whole rock wall, 15m by six, totally painted in four colours 79112666 View 79112667 Trying to interpret I am showing some older paintings to the four photographers accompanying me and my wife Seble. The rock was found on April 3th, Easter's eve late afternoon. I cried so much as I first entered the anfract under a huge granitic rock that some tought I had fallen. 79112668 Human figures and geometrics 79112669 Cow herders I counted well over 150 cows. The herders, a couple seen here. According to Dr. Luca Bachechi, academician from Florence University and one of Europe's most noted Rock painting specialists, these are more recent than others, and were painted with the fingers, no brush or stick. 79112670 Python Pantocrator A two metres serpent dominates the whole set 79112671 Geometric curiosities 79112672 79112673 Cows and Spirals The mainly white cows are clearly superimposed on a more ancient colourful design. 79112674 Hitherto unknown to science An High definition shot of so many paintings. The older black figures are men. Only here they appear as connected. No one has ever published this rock paintings. 79124379 Partial overview Defintely, now Goda Roriisso is on the world map. Many will visit this amazing, pleasant, accessible and totally safe locality. In the photo, Prof. marco discussing with alocal elder, photographers Marco Adorno and Laura Rodolfi. Photo, courtesy Danilo Baratelli 80348477 Emily's Photo Emily taylor who was with us on the day of the discovery, sent me this nice view with a local Oromo chat peasant and pastor. 82046298 A park in the making Some of the main visiting places in the new park. An adventure in the making! 80764835 Its main peaks 80774595 Its boundaries 80774596 On the way to the paintings A beautiful Agama lizard come to say hallo! 82654323 Bye Kundudo! A clever pose by Emily 82046838