Djibouti Djibouti Ardoukouba view WIth a volcano in the forefront 70197806 Lake Assal First seen from the road, it stands at -155m on the shores, the deepest dpression in Africa, the second in the world 70197807 Salts The most saline large lake in the world, it has up to 40% salt, and is encircled to the North by a huge salt pan 70197808 A shore Lake Assal is 7x 10 kms across 70197809 Salts, more salts! It produces salt for the Ethiopian market, taken through some times by camels, generally by trucks. Its temperature average is 33-34 °C. It evaporates a lot... 70197810 Irreal Yet amazingly beautiful. People do swim here 70197811 Balbala A Djibouti town area 70197812 Le vieux bar A 1968 photo of Le Bar du Palmier en Zinc. It actually had an oddity, a zinc palm. A meeting point in the old town. 70197813 Centre Town 70197817 Overlooking This guy is set in the backgournd of some poor slums 70197814 Crossing This one is lazily strolling across the motorway! 70197815 Danger! So motorists are aware... 70197816 Les Caisses An area of town, this photo also by Stephane Loonis 70207926 A peculiar monument At a crossroads 70197805 The old bank 70197819 An alley A beautiful photo by Steve Loonis 70197824 Cafeteria 70207038 Old house 70197825 Colonizing plant Growing fast on the first bit of land off the lavas 70197818 A valley WhIte over dark shades, with some trees 70197820 The beach in front of the Devil Overlooking the peculiar island 70197821 Devil's Island From the plan, it reveals its nature a bit better. A volcano at sea 70197822 Goubet Kharad A gulf 70197823 The islands from Ghoubet 70197826 Goubet, a toungue of lava 70197827 The gulf Of Goubet Kharad 70197828 At sunset 70197829 A salt beach Whiter than clouds 70197830 Lava field Very recent, possibly less than 30,000 years old, maybe a lot less 70197831 Simple lodge On Musha Island, in front of Djibouti town, yet remote... 70197832 Obock This lodge is in the northernmost 'Departement' or Region of the Country 70197833 Oil The oil terminal 70197834 Port The main source of revenue, it mainly serves Ethiopia 70197835 View Djibouti point 70197836 Dutch ship at dock Clearly military. A photo by Dimitry Khordoshevitch 70207925 Tandjoura Les Sables Blancs lodge 70197837 More lake Assal 70197838 On the road to Khor Ambado 70197839 Le Phare The lighthouse 70197841 Alan on the Road Alan, one of my favourite students ever, now lives in Milan, Italy. 81877199 Simple roudabout One choice only, ahead to Djibouti! 81877201 Alan and his father On the salted grounds of Lake Assal. This is the furthermost point of the EER, the new Ethiopian complete Route, one that cover 3 States and 5 regional States within Ethiopia. Plan a good 15 days to run just its main course... forget the many variants. 81877200 Meet the camels Trashumance the new way 81877202 The Sea Finally... 81877203 81877204 Special sands 81877205 And black, black lava 81877206 Difficult passage Going to a viewpoint above the Goubet gulf 81877207 lava road Making a secondary road here means, basically, shifting fresh lava... 81877208 Many beaches 81877209 One just for Alan! 81877210 Private.. for the visitor 81877211 81877212 Beach game 81877213 A gulf No one, absolutely no one around 81877214 A road with a view 81877215 Salt flats Bright white 81877216 Salt cristals 81877217 After sunset A striped sky effect that only occurs in the tropics 81877218 next time.. Bye Bye beaches 81877219