Somaliland Somaliland Laasqoray A beautiful ancient fort of mud walls decaying in an area contested between Somaliland and Puntland, Sanaag 51260189 Wejjale The border post between Ethiopia and Somaliland 70324107 Mayd White desert beaches with an outstanding volcaninc backdrop 51260190 Nassan Hablood A noted geoogical feature near Hargeysa 51260191 Local breed Somaliland horses 51260192 Loaded Camels Against a typical Somaliland view 51260193 Fort Taleh Had twelve high fortress towers built in the time of Mohammed Abdellah Hassan, a nationalist who defied and four times defeated the British heavily. 51260194 Reaching the sea 51260195 Ruins Ancient undated mosque in Abas. Precious little, if any archeological research has been done in the vast area. 51260196 Ambassador Hotel A three star facility inHargysa for only 34 USD 51260197 Welcome! To a house in old hargeysa 70324072 Ahmud A colorized photo from the twenties, the only one available online of Ahmud, ancient fotress town with nearly three hundred houses, still undated, unexcavated. A future archeological site of value. As it is, quite an attration in itself. 51260198 Berbera An old town square 51260199 Berbera An air view 51260200 Berbera Unending beaches 51260201 Berbera A garden: give us a drop of water, we will grow anything! 51260202 51260203 Camels At a well 51260204 Being loaded For Saudi Arabia 51260205 DHL Burao Proud to present the finest DHL office on this planet 51260206 Mig Square An Hargeysa landmark. Downed during the liberation from the Mugadishu regime 51260207 Berbera Sun Sunday beach life 51265180 Hargeysa While Mogadishu and south Somalia were and partially still are, being pillaged, ravaged, since 1991 Somaliland has had time to rebuild itself 51670090 Laas Geel near Hargeysa The Sistine Chapel of rock painting, discovered only in 2002, probably over 4500 years old. Perfect and multicoloured, stunning. 51265181 RAF air photogrph This photo, taken before the famed raid, shows clearly the twelve towers built around Taleex with the help of Emperor Lij Yiyasu of Ethiopia. 51670092 Bombardment Probably the only existing photo of the first heavy air raid in Africa. A British attack to evict the 'Mad Mullah' as they dubbed him, from Taleex, his main fortress. 51670093 A Mogadishu Mosque This print by an Enrico Cerulli book,the noted Italian Scholar, of an ancient Mosque represents what parts of the Somaliland forts still resemble today. 51670091 Somali National Museum Looted A photo by Moahmed A. Mohamed witnesses the loot of the Somali National Museum in Mogadishu. 56602231 Sada as Student Sada Mire, Department Head with the Hargeisa Ministry of Culture and Tourism has started a programme in Somaliland with a future aim to help Somalia in general, too, to protect and promote its Heritage. 56602092 Sada's Best discovery so far Dahmbalin, discovered in 2007, represents a very significant, extremely beautiful rock painting site, well worth a visit. Sada discovered and published it in 2007. 56602093 Maduna, early medioeval? This site has not been dated yet. It is not different, in my eyes to some of the earliest Argobba settlements near Harer. This was a Mosque. 56602094 Sada on the Daallo Mounts Somaliland, too, has some amazing peaks. 56602095 Francesco and Sada As a State Representative, Sada recently met in Bahrain Francesco Bandarin, Head of the Unesco World Heritage Center for Culture. 56602096 The Mullah's fort Biilt near Sheik in 1905, one of thirteen fortresses built by Mohamed Hasen 70016920 A Resting Place by the sea A tumb in Bender Siyyada, Sanaag 70016921 Batalale beach A fine beach in Berbera 70016922 From sea 70016923 Dhows Anchored in Berbera, a shipwreck in the distance 70016924 Old Customs, Berbera 70016925 Berth in dock 70016926 Wreck 70016927 Ethiopian or sacred Ibis Caught right in front of Berbera 70016928 Crossing The bay at Berbera port 70324073 More untouched beaches 70016929 Burao Indodeero mosque 70016930 Too tall to hide Photo by Ali Hawar, from 70016931 70016932 Ceerigaabo street 70016933 The tunnel above Ceerigaabo 70016934 Frankincense tree In Daalo. Apparently, born on a solid rock! 70016935 Dust Invades Hargeisa, the capital. You had better respect the red, you may not see who is coming! 70016936 Hegabo Mounts Towards the coast 70016937 Jebel Mara Teh crater lake seen from above 70016938 Lava Stops on the sea beaches 70016939 Ottoman administration Office block built around 1850 70016940 Falls On Mount Sheik slopes 70016941 Calm seas 70016942 Mount Sheik pass Not just beaches and historical sites. Green mountains! 70016943