Ethiopia's newly found Marvel Cave Ethiopia's newly found Marvel Cave Abdul takes us in A member of the first family to enter the cave, around 1994. PLEASE ENLARGE PHOTOES, click 'Full Size' under here 82047297 Variety The Gursum pearl is one of the best caves discovered so far in Africa for variety and beauty, rarity of its spelothems: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, eccentrics that defy gravity, drapers of different colours, anthesits or flower like, anemoliths supposedly generated by winds, coralloid shapes. 82047294 Anthesits or, flower like! 82047295 By a little fall 82047298 Pure limestone As white as frosted icecles, a small draper and thin stalactites 82047300 Uneven Column A thin straw formation hits a wider stalagmite 82047301 Coloured chimney Chimeys more than 20 metres high dot the otherwise rather narrow cave 82048246 Pointing To a rare thin formation going sideways, or, more likely holding a straw just broken! 82048247 Davide, of the first exploring team Davide, a national Italian speleological Instructor. With a lot to tell, now! None of the five had ever been first into anywhere nearly so great. 26796721 Edo Dr. Raschella, Italian CAI speleologists' President 26796735 GP! Gian Paolo Rivolta measuring angles and distances. He is a former Italian speleologists' President. 26798331 Guglia in the first 400 flooded metres G. Ronaghi, National Instructor and President of a very active speleological club, mine 26798332 Found here. A new species? Confirmation soon, after some research we found enough specimens to classify it. I personally think the genus is Potamon, seeing the shapes on the carapace, the species is apparently new. Paratypuses, or descriptive specimens are being prepared in London. There, Natural history Museum experts are defining it. Courtesy Danilo Baratelli 82652950 Like a collection.. of little animals 35971196 Gursum Flowers Anthesits, flower like 35971197 Arming ropes for the descent 35971198 A beautiful chimney, possibly connected with some other cave 35971219 The fault along which which the gursum pearl cave has been slowly dug 35971220 Darker coral like formations 35971221 Whiter ones 35971222 Descent in another chimney Ready! 35971223 A draper 35971224 Eccentrics embracing each other 35971225 Getting ready, preparing the acetylene gas reaction for the front light 35971226 More amazing growths 35971227 35971228 35971229 A room corner 35971232 Tusks 35971233 35971234 35971235 35971236 Watch this shape! 35971237 35971238 35971239 35971240 All is pure white lime here... 35971241 Red Drapers and Stalagmites 35971242 Inaccessible room 35971243 At a stage, the speleothems could be too dense to proceed anywhere 35971244 small way into a GREAT cave G.P Rivolta, me and M.Furlan had seen the first 200m a month before. Nothing to compare with what was to come. 27168584 35971245 a first publication Awaiting the team's scientific publication, an Italian newspaper mentions the mission in a third of a page article. 28057030 35971246 35971247 35971248 35971249 The Pearl's Lady Find a little face... Just a perspective and shade game! 35971250 A last flower like one. There are thousands. 35971251 Prof. Paolo Forti One of the world top scientific speleologists is getting ready to explore the Kundudo Karst cave system 36439093 Naica, Crystal Room One of the a few incredible speleological discoveries ever, in Mexico. Most of the ongoing scientific studies within it have been confied to Prof. Forti. THIS ALONE IS NOT UNDER THE KUNDUDO! 36439092 Sump Me, in a difficult passage 63173544 A dark stalactite Closing with a set of four more low definition photoes by Emily Taylor 82415692 Bird in a nest Or rather an eccentric next to some formation broken by a visitor 82415693 All is covered, in some areas, by... small 'pearls' of pure limestone 82415694 Like coral Fresh growths are whiter 82415695 Workalemayahu He works for the Zone Culture and Tourism Office. These last photees are courtesy from Marco Adorno Photographer. 103122887 103122888 A chimney, temptation to expert climbers. 103122889 103122890 Nasir and Biyyu Negheya friend Nasir Ahimed, right, is Oromia's main explorer. 103122891 103122892 From down A set of straws and stalactites proper 103122893 103122894 An African Marvel I wish to thank the local families, our guest at every visit, the Oromia administration and Ato Sintayehu Tola in particular, the now around 40 experts and speleologists, photographers that have visited. 103187008 Marble white Cascading wall stalagmites like marble art Next photo set by NASIR AHIMED, Oromia Explorer. 111186998 111186999 111187000 111187001 More anthesits, or flower likes 111196944 Stalagmites on Basalt Curious formation looking as though.. a prehistoric hand has been included in the cave. It is a case where a basalt fragment is overgorwn by speleothems. 111196945 Marco and Nasir Marco Adorno and Nasir Ahmed together, authors of the last photes in this set. 111196946 111196947 Queen bee Amongst bee larvae?? 111280086 111280087 Nasir looks ahead Finder of 170 caves in 2010 alone, nasir is a real record breaker 111280088 the pearl's PEARL This marvel pearl like concretion is inside Holqaa Oromo or the Gursum Pearl. FIne layers of lime concentrate around a grain or pebble in the middle. Not so differently from the mother of pearl inclusions. Only, this has no commercial value, just, beauty! 110566113